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About Sharkey Graphic Solutions

Sharkey Graphic Solutions is a full service graphic design company for all of your printed material. Consider choosing Sharkey Graphic Solutions as your graphic design company for your business card designs, book layouts, logo designs, vector graphic recreations, graphic alterations, poster designs, banner designs, signage, fillable forms, statement designs, form layouts and much, much, more. If you need a graphic designer you can count on then choose Sharkey Graphic Solutions, and we will come to you at your convenience to meet your needs on your schedule.

Having years of experience in printing, not only does Sharkey Graphic Solutions provide you with the professional graphic designs you’re looking for, we also know how to create them to be truly print ready and trouble free when going to print. This is why so many local printers send us their graphic files to make them truly “Print Ready.” With over 30 years in the printing industry and 15 years of experience “troubleshooting and resolving“ print file issues, we are the area leader for print ready graphic design services and preflighting services.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions stays on top of all of the latest printing trends and technology so all that you have to know is how you want your job to look, and we will take care of the rest. Experience how we can take your ideas and visions and make them magically come together in a graphic masterpiece.

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At Sharkey Graphic Solutions we also take file storage and security very seriously. We guarantee all of your files are backed up and stored for you indefinitely with no extra cost to you for this service. With a full in-house security system and continual Drobo Redundancy backups, you’ll know that we have you covered. We also store all graphic files in-house and give “our promise” to never use cloud storage for your valuable files. With Sharkey Graphic Solutions you will never have to worry about lost or stolen files ever again.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions, located in Casco, Maine, was founded by Craig Sharkey in 2009 and is committed to a philosophy of beauty, structure, customer-confidence and community. Hard work, honesty and performance have allowed SGS to defy all the rough economic downswings and display excellent growth in an otherwise shrinking market.

Working as a Preflight Technician (digital file troubleshooter), for a multi-million dollar company, Craig became immediately aware of an industry-wide problem: Design files for printing were often problematic and/or improperly built. Quality, on-time delivery, customer confidence and profitability were all being negatively affected.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions LLC, means guaranteed print-ready files at fair and competitive pricing. Not just another ‘everyday designer’ but a provider of real solutions that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. SGS continues to grow daily and is currently the trusted graphic designer for hundreds of clients, including more than a dozen area printers and print-brokers.

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In May of 2012, Sharkey Graphic Solutions, LLC continued their growth with the purchase of Little Guy Press. Formerly located in Auburn, Maine, Little Guy Press was already an SGS client; a small community-minded print company dedicated to serving the ‘Little Guy’ and larger companies in the Lewiston/Auburn area.

In a rapid and seamless transition Sharkey Graphic Solutions immediately brought their ‘right-the-first-time’ processes and superior purchasing power to all the clients at Little Guy Press, instantly providing them with superior design, new product lines, extended free delivery area and in most cases a better product for a better price.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions

Many customers have asked how SGS offers such a consistently high level of quality at such competitive pricing. Craig answers, “In this current economic climate, everyone is struggling. We live and work like so many others in Maine. We waste little and spend wisely. Converting a portion of our home into the business helped us keep start-up costs down and overhead expenses to a minimum. By keeping operating costs under control, we can continually invest in superior technology our customers count on. Things like cutting edge software upgrades; ultra high-speed internet; continued education; expanded services; secure file storage; protected file backup, etc. with less impact to customer pricing and more impact on customer satisfaction.”