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Postal Bar Codes

Postal bar codes consist of two primary bar code types. These two codes are the “FIM” and the Zip + 4Postnet. The “FIM” is placed at the top of the envelope and comes in 4 types as listed below.

  1. Courtesy reply mail with preprinted POSTNET
  2. Business reply mail without preprinted POSTNET
  3. Business reply mail with preprinted POSTNET
  4. OCR readable mail without preprinted POSTNET

The “Zip + 4Postnet” code is placed at the bottom of the envelope and contains proper address information. Sharkey Graphic Solutions understands these codes and how to place them to meet postal specifications. If you are concerned about your envelopes meeting postal specifications, as well as your own, let us be your envelope designer and you won't be disappointed. Below is an example of standard envelope bar codes on an actual envelope.

Postal Bar Code sample

New postal codes and postal code changes are on their way soon. A new one that’s on it’s way soon is the new “postal billing code.” We are currently researching these changes and additions so that we will be prepared to create them, and verify their compliance in our ever-changing United States Postal Service.