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Post Card Design

“Post Cards” (or postal cards) usually fall into three primary categories. The first and most common use for post cards is for advertising products, services or events through a mass mailing or target marketing campaign. The second use is for retail sales. These post cards are usually created by artists or photographers who sell their cards at various targeted locations to promote their artwork. The third and last type of post card is used for marketing a service or business destination by placing these cards at various locations such as restaurants, rest areas or chamber of commerce kiosks.

If you would like to design a new “Post Card” or even redesign an existing one, please choose Sharkey Graphic Solutions as your “go to” designer. Post cards can be designed very quickly so PDF proofs are usually provided in less than 24 hours. If you choose us for your post card designs, please be sure to provide us with your postal indicia information should this apply.

Below are a few examples of post cards that we have designed at Sharkey Graphic Solutions.

Post Card Design sample
Post Card Design sample
Post Card Design sample