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Presentation Folder Design

“Presentations Folders” (or Pocket Folders) are a great way to make a very professional first impression to your new prospective clients. They are also a great way to present your business cards and marketing material in a well contained and organized manner. At Sharkey Graphic Solutions we would value the opportunity to be your presentation folder designer, and we have the skills and expertise to do so in a very effective manner.

There are probably close to a hundred different pocket folder variations between all of the primary presentation folder manufacturers out there. If you decide to choose Sharkey Graphic Solutions to design your presentation folders (or pocket folders), please be sure to provide us with your presentation folder template number and printer so that we can be sure to provide you with your final graphic files designed exactly how they are needed to create a perfect final product without any unnecessary delays. If you have possession of the vector template file from your printer, forwarding this file would also be all that we would need.

Please feel free to view just a couple of our presentation folder designs below. To view more detailed examples of pocket folder design variations, or to view pocket folder “pocket placements” please visit our printing division “Pocket Folder Page.” Call us today to design your presentation folder (or pocket folder).

Presentation Folder Design sample
Presentation Folder Design sample