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Logo Design

We consider there to be seven primary types of logos. These logos include: Icon, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combination Mark, Emblem, Official, and Photo. We have provided samples and explanations of each of these logos types, which may be viewed by selecting from the bullets to the right.

Logos may seem like an insignificant piece of your marketing puzzle, but a good logo is key to your entire corporate identity, as well your marketing strategy. When you see golden arches, you immediately identify it with McDonald's. When you see the Nike swish you immediately identify that with their products. These are both great examples of “Icon Logos” that are doing their job. If you develop a logo that is successful then people will recognize you by your logo. They will begin to associate your logo with the reputation that your company or firm has established.

The most successful logos are often the simplest, like the logos mentioned above, but there is no rule that they must be simple to have a great impact.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions has produced hundreds of logos, from high in complexity and colors to basic one-color logos. Our ultimate goal is to create a logo that looks and feels right for you, since you’ll probably be working with it for many years to come.

If you are creating a new logo from scratch for your business, the most ideal scenario is to create a logo package. For our most popular Combination Logo, this package would consist of two enhanced logos and two simplified logos. Each version would have one “stacked” and one “horizontal.” Then you could have all 4 of these created in a vector format for printing and in an RGB continuous tone format for web use. Having so many versions of your logo may seem redundant, as well as being slightly more expensive, but in the long run can save you a tremendous amount of grief and dollars every time you need your logo in a different format, by having every scenario already covered. Shown below is an example of the four variations mentioned in this paragraph.

Enhanced Logos
Enhanced Combination Logo Sample

Simplified Logos
Simplified Combination Logo Sample