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Stationery Design

The term, “Stationery Design” may be interpreted differently depending upon whom you ask about it. At Sharkey Graphic Solutions, we consider stationery design to include all graphic design parameters of envelopes, letterheads, note pads and note cards.

Envelope Design

Envelopes come in a vast array of styles and sizes. Many of them require no printing at all as they are window envelopes intended for laser checks with all displayed information appearing through the envelope windows, but we are your source for envelopes that do require printing.

At Sharkey Graphic Solutions we not only can create your envelope design layouts, we also understand and can create your postal codes as well; whether it be your address barcode or proper FIM code.

Below are a few examples of our envelope designs. For more information about envelope graphic designs, contact us today!

Envelope sample
Envelope sample
Envelope sample
Envelope sample