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Stationery Design

The term, “Stationery Design” may be interpreted differently depending upon whom you ask about it. At Sharkey Graphic Solutions, we consider stationery design to include all graphic design parameters of envelopes, letterheads, note pads and note cards.

Letterhead Design

Letterheads are traditionally printed using offset presses (or letter presses) in one or two specific ink colors. This remains to be the common practice today, because using a laser printer to print letterheads will usually cause the printing to smear when run through a secondary copier by the end user at its final office location. In recent years, some laser inks have been developed which will not smear, therefore making short runs becomes a much more viable option on laser printers. The only drawback to this process is that the printing quality does not usually measure up to the quality of the traditional process.

At Sharkey Graphic Solutions, we completely understand letterhead layout and design, and we pride ourselves on making your letterhead design professional and tasteful to give you the perfect appearance that you wish to reflect to your clients.

Below are just a few examples of letterheads which we have created.

Consider having Sharkey Graphic Solutions create your letterhead designs as well as your matching envelopes.

Letterhead sample
Letterhead sample
Letterhead sample
Letterhead sample