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Heavy Duty Photo Framing

Sharkey Graphic Solutions provides specialty photo framing packages as shown below. We keep an inventory of an assortment of used solid wood picture frames, which we purchase from various auctions, flea markets, antique stores, and miscellaneous shops. We do this in order to find a unique and well-made collection of picture frames that cannot be purchased new in any regular stores or picture frame stores. We even have some rare antique oval frames with protruding beveled glass. Please note that all of our picture frames are used and restored in-house, and we do not sell them individually.

We then takes these frames, sand them as needed, and paint, stain or varnish them using oil-based paints and varnishes for superior durability.

Upon request we are also happy to produce "informational plaques" in several formats (see brass style below) to accompany your photos. Sharkey Graphic Solutions can be contracted to provide several package options to fit your needs, as well as individual pieces. Contact Sharkey Graphic Solutions to discuss all of your specialty photo projects and ask for “Craig.”

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Digital Photo Restoration Policies

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  • Guaranteed Pricing
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  • Shipping
Sharkey Graphic Solutions understands that every photo project is completely unique and special. This is why we carefully discuss and examine each photo project on an individual basis with our clients. It is our utmost concern to be sure that our customers are always thrilled with our end results, and never feel disappointment.
Guaranteed Pricing
Any price quote that Sharkey Graphic Solutions provides for any photo project can always be counted on. Even though many photo projects often require much more time than we anticipate, we will usually honor the quote we have provided to you unless you have requested additional graphic work above and beyond what we have already discussed and agreed to. Depending on the size of your specialty photo project, we may require a 50% deposit before accepting your project, with the remaining balance due upon approval of PDF Proofs. When your remaining balance has been completely satisfied, your project will be emailed and/or shipped within 24 hours. Pre-existing clients may be given special terms and considerations for payment based on the discretion of the management.
Turn Time
Unlike most of our other graphic services, Sharkey Graphic Solutions does not always provide a 24 hour turn time for all specialty photo projects. Depending on the size and complexity of your job, some of your photo projects may require up to 3 weeks for completion. After examining your project, we will provide you with an expected completion date.
Sharkey Graphic Solutions considers any of your original photos provided to us to be "priceless." Because of this we follow a strict standard operating procedure in regard to this matter. If you are located within our free delivery area (See, we will pick up and return your original photos personally. If you are not located within our free delivery area, we will notify you when we have received your photos and will not be held responsible for any damage done to these original photos from shipping. We will return them with your finished project using priority mail with a signature required. This charge will be added to your remaining balance, and charged to your credit card.
Sharkey Graphic Solutions only charges for exact shipping costs and we do not mark up this charge or add any handling fees. Sharkey Graphic Solutions utilizes UPS as our standard shipping provider.