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Graphic Repair & Modifications

Whether your graphics need to be recreated from a printed sample or modified in some way, Sharkey Graphic Solutions can help. We are experts in Graphic Repair, Logo Repair, Logo Modification, Logo Restoration and much more. Please feel free to browse through a few samples of how we can repair or modify your graphics, and visit our Logo Page for more complete descriptions and examples of how we can assist you with your logo designs.

Giving Your Old Artwork A Facelift Giving Your Old Artwork A Facelift

Giving Your Old Artwork A Facelift

If you have been using the same logo and artwork for your business for over 15 years, then you're probably ready for a change. You may be ready for an entirely new look, but if your logo is highly recognized and respected, making some positive changes to your old logo may be the best solution. Making the right changes can be minor or major depending on your wishes. Please see the example of a graphic identity modification to the left.