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Graphic Repair & Modifications

Whether your graphics need to be recreated from a printed sample or modified in some way, Sharkey Graphic Solutions can help. We are experts in Graphic Repair, Logo Repair, Logo Modification, Logo Restoration and much more. Please feel free to browse through a few samples of how we can repair or modify your graphics, and visit our Logo Page for more complete descriptions and examples of how we can assist you with your logo designs.

New Logos For New Divisions New Logos For New Divisions

New Logos For New Divisions

When your company opens a new division, it usually requires a careful balance to develop a new logo which marries well with your existing one, while clearly signifying the direction of your new division. At Sharkey Graphic Solutions we understand the importance of your identities, and we will always take great care to see that your new artwork achieves the perfect balance between your existing business and your new one. In the demonstration to the left, we have displayed a business card we created some years ago, and a new one with a new look we created more recently.