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Vector Recreations

There are primarily two types of graphics. These two types of images are referred to as “Vector Graphics” and “Continuous Tones.”

Vector graphics are line-based (or geometrical-based images). Vector graphics have several benefits over continuous tone images when they can be used. Since vector graphics can not be used for web purposes, they are only applicable to printing.

Complex 2 Color Complex 2 Color

Complex 2 Color Recreations

The graphic displayed shows how we recreated the image of the Harley Davidson motorcycle as a vector image in 2 solid spot colors (gray & black). This new image was redesigned for our client to be used for silk screening T-Shirts and for the creation of a new sign. If you have a complex continuous tone image that you would like to have recreated as a vector image for a sign, clothing or any other specific need, call Sharkey Graphic Solutions and let us amaze you!