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Tips & Techniques

This corner of our website is great for customer’s as well graphic enthusiasts. Our goal for this page is to appeal to a wide range of graphic experience levels. Some of our "Tips & Techniques" postings are targeted for graphic beginners while other postings are geared for the more advanced graphic designers. We are hoping that everyone may find something that they can use from our monthly postings.

Share Your Secrets

If you would like share one of your own graphic secrets to our page that you have been keeping locked up, please share your clever trick and we may post it.  If we do, we will give you credit for your great idea on our web site when we post it. Just be sure to let us know who you wish to be identified as if you prefer not to disclose your true identity.

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Monster Sized PDF files

"My PDFs are coming out too Big! Something that should be less than a megabyte is coming out huge and too big to email"

For other graphic designers out there who can’t understand why a simple PDF is coming out much larger than it should be, NO it’s not you. This is just a layering glitch that Adobe has never really completely fixed.  Here is an unbelievably simple trick.

The Fix
Rather than trying to optimize your PDF therefore bringing down the over all quality of it, try this. Simply resave the PDF after you export it and you will find that 75% of the time the size if it will drastically reduce to a manageable size without jumping any hoops or sacrificing the quality level of your document.