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This corner of our website is great for customer’s as well graphic enthusiasts. Our goal for this page is to appeal to a wide range of graphic experience levels. Some of our "Tips & Techniques" postings are targeted for graphic beginners while other postings are geared for the more advanced graphic designers. We are hoping that everyone may find something that they can use from our monthly postings.

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If you would like share one of your own graphic secrets to our page that you have been keeping locked up, please share your clever trick and we may post it.  If we do, we will give you credit for your great idea on our web site when we post it. Just be sure to let us know who you wish to be identified as if you prefer not to disclose your true identity.

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Why does blue look like purple?

If your artwork has a lot of heavy deep blue areas chances are real good that it will look like purple when it is actually printed. When deep blues are built from process colors they are built primarily out of cyan and magenta. 


The Tip
Since most printers gain very heavily in the magenta, when your job is printed it will often turn from blue to purple. If you have the ability to do so, consider cutting the magenta in your blue back 15% or mention doing so to your designer when sending to your printer. This will insure that your blues actually look like blues when they are printed.