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This corner of our website is great for customer’s as well graphic enthusiasts. Our goal for this page is to appeal to a wide range of graphic experience levels. Some of our "Tips & Techniques" postings are targeted for graphic beginners while other postings are geared for the more advanced graphic designers. We are hoping that everyone may find something that they can use from our monthly postings.

Share Your Secrets

If you would like share one of your own graphic secrets to our page that you have been keeping locked up, please share your clever trick and we may post it.  If we do, we will give you credit for your great idea on our web site when we post it. Just be sure to let us know who you wish to be identified as if you prefer not to disclose your true identity.

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The Benefit of setting your black type to overprint

When setting up any type of print ready document, if you are placing black type over an image or any color background, be sure that it is set to “overprint” and not “knock out” from the background. The reason for this is simple. Type, by its nature is quite narrow and fine, so if your printing is even slightly out of register, you will notice a hideous white halo around it. See “”Figure A”.


13-Figure A


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When NOT to use a JPEG file

h4>Question: Why doesn't anyone want to use my jpeg to print anything from?

Answer: Your jpeg files are great for anything you do on the web, but when it comes to printing, a jpeg is not the answer.

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My Computer Goes Too Slow Using Adobe

The Adobe programs do heavily utilize your computers resources for sure, but don’t be too quick to decide you simply cannot run them, as there are lots of things that can be done before making that conclusion.
First, see how many programs you actually have running at the same time. Your computer is only a machine and can only do so much.

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What’s wrong with using my web graphics to print from?

Many people don’t realize it, but graphics that look great on the web will usually look horrible when they are used to print from.


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Why Does Black Look Grey?

Have you ever noticed that your big black areas look fine on your computer but prints gray when you send it to your printer? It is always important to remember that RGB and CMYK work completely differently. This problem can be resolved by building a “Rich Black” for your large black areas.


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The Type Dosen't Look Right

If you’re a client who is getting frustrated because when ever you look at your PDF Proofs, all of the l’s I’s and 1’s look like they are a giant bold rectangles, know that this is just a PDF rendering issue. 

Click on the image to Zoom In - 

 Tip 1 Before & After

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Why Can't I Set Type In Photoshop?

To all of you Adobe Photoshop Pros out there, it is without any argument that there is nothing like Adobe Photoshop for photos and continuous tone images, but don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s for everything.
When Adobe Photoshop is used for setting type it becomes inevitable that your file will be flattened (usually sooner than later) and your type now becomes part of your image. Once this happens ..

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Why does blue look like purple?

If your artwork has a lot of heavy deep blue areas chances are real good that it will look like purple when it is actually printed. When deep blues are built from process colors they are built primarily out of cyan and magenta. 


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